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Please Note:  You should start only one St. John's College application.  

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, St. John’s is famous for our great books curriculum, discussion-based classes, and interdisciplinary focus. We are delighted you decided to apply. Because we seek diverse students from all backgrounds who will thrive at the college, St. John's does not charge an application fee, and generous scholarships are available.

To start or continue your application, please select the appropriate option below.

Should I apply to the Undergraduate Program or Graduate Program?

If you are a current high school student, a high school graduate, or otherwise do not have a bachelor’s degree, select Undergraduate Program.

If you are a student who already holds a bachelor’s degree, select Graduate Program.

What is my entry term?

Your entry term is the semester that you want to begin classes. For most undergraduate applicants, that term this year is Fall 2023, unless you plan to join the January Freshman class, in which you should select Spring 2023. Graduate applicants, please make sure to check that your entry term is the term you plan to begin study.

After selecting the entry term, undergraduate applicants will choose whether to apply Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, or Rolling.

When should I apply?

For undergraduate applicants, there are several application rounds, each tied to a submission deadline. Please choose the round that reflects the date you will submit your application.

Early Decision (binding) – November 1
Early Action – November 15
Regular Decision – January 15
Rolling Decision (Fall) – after February 15
Rolling Decision (Santa Fe Spring) – Priority Deadline January 1, Rolling Admissions Until Full

If you are excited by our great books curriculum and cannot wait to become a Johnnie, we encourage you to apply Early Decision. With Early Decision, you apply by November 1, submit the signed the Early Decision Agreement, and receive an admission decision by December 1. You will be eligible for the most robust merit scholarships and need-based financial aid. Early Decision is binding: if admitted, you commit to attending St. John’s, and you agree to withdraw any college applications and to not submit any additional college applications.

We encourage all applicants to consider applying Early Action. With Early Action, you apply by November 15 and receive an admission decision by December 15. Early Action is non-binding, so you will not need to make a college decision until May 1. As with Early Decision, you will be eligible for the most robust merit scholarships and need-based financial aid in Early Action.

If have questions or need to change your program or application round, please contact the Admissions Office.

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